collaborative video, 2021
with Kivanc Sert

ADA, (the grAsslAnds) is a youngest country in the world, and as all countries do, it needs a good PR campaign. This is where Altinoz comes in to help Bahcivan. By spending a day within and around the country, observing and documenting, Altinoz creates a specially tailored commercial for ADA United Species. 

“Well done ADA, Blessed is the grassy A, In the Name of the Others

Your Grasslands are Our Grasses, Our Grasslands are Your Grasses, Grasslands are Your Grasslands.“

“We greet you on behalf of the ADA Compound Species;

ADA located on 40°53'23'N 29°22'42'E are the chosen blessed Grasslands that declared their Independence with the 13th April Events.

These lands belong to the people of ADA, ADA members are only grassland creatures.

In this Autonomous Grassland, humans, bipedal creatures can only be Collaborators, Visitors, Supporters, Workers, or Visitors.

Collaborations mean recognizing us, enriching our existence, and transmitting our name to other generations.

ADA is on the side of all kinds of others, every oppressed ditch protects the Grasslands, it is ready for any struggle for territorial integrity if necessary.

ADA, which left its 1st foundation period behind with the 1st JUNE week, continued on its way with the new citizens who joined it in the surrounding land after the 2nd grass cutting, and the existence of those who did not know themselves was ended.

Having a circumference of 41 steps, our soils are 165 steps in accordance with the 13 Steps of the WORLDWIDE LAW.

Adimlik has the right to speak over the surrounding Grasslands. Our fully independent grasslands, by taking their own decisions, Collaborative bipedal Intelligent people these are; It notifies with notifications, orders, announcements, announcements, projects whose specifications are prepared in advance, ultimatum and quarterly activity reports. We invite you to cooperate with us as well.”

(the grAsslAnds, the youngest country in the world)

Signed: BahCivAn”



prefer a feast of friends to the giant family