Cem Altınöz (1993, İstanbul, TR) works and plays with images and texts. As a multi-media artist, he investigates the role of imagery and image-making in one’s self-representation, self-reproduction, and self-destruction.

While aiming to reveal and break the limits of spoken and written language through audiovisual media, he explores the place of ‘ownership’ in one’s relationship with the lived body, emphasizing on the significance of the Other in the self-definition of the individual. Deriving from his own experiences with autoimmunity, he strives to make connections between the singular and the universal; often resulting in autobiographical still and moving images that are impure and sullied, roaming in the realms of the uncanny.

Altınöz has concluded his studies at the Piet Zwart Institute’s LensBased Media program in 2020 and is currently residing in Rotterdam. He is a part of Rotterdam base performance arts community, Time Window.


Meanwhile, Altınöz also works as a freelance image maker through NowRelease Productions, focusing primarily in filming and photographing for performances, events and exhibitions. 



prefer a feast of friends to the giant family