Fables of Deconstruction

audiovisual performance, 2022

Emin Gok and Cem Altinoz, who have published their first works on symbolic actions and rituals in the form of a sound collage with psychoanalytic tendencies during Mamut Art Project 21, this time question how there can be a connection between 'entropy' and 'ritual' with an existential attitude that has remained out of sight.

Seizing the mantle of entropy—a mechanistic and deterministic concept encapsulating the inevitable dispersion and deterioration of matter—Gok and Altinoz cast it as a formidable adversary. This holds especially true for those ensnared in the allure of self-knowledge. The artists elucidate how societies, through overwrought and symbolic actions, habitually engage in dismantling the impending entropic fate before it engulfs them. The notions of "entropy" and the closely intertwined concept of "time" are dissected within the context of societies' ingrained practices.

Instead of passing judgment, they take a closer look at how societies handle the inevitable decay of everything. Steering away from ethical lectures and by using tools of modern electronica from the entertainment scene, they present an impressionistic audiovisual performance, aiming to connect their work with larger communities.



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