live AV, 2023

RVRS is a collaborative AV performance by Altinoz and Rita Maomenos, performed during Conflux Festival 2023, in Rotterdam.

RVRS is built upon a collective audio-visual project that explores themes related to climate disaster, societal trauma, and humanity. Through a collaborative effort between several artists, the project uses a blend of sound, video, and interactive elements to create an immersive experience. Drawing on the collective anxieties about the future on earth, the peformance seeks to capture the essence of the music subculture, and its role in preserving humanity in a world of immesurable challenges.

The audio-visual work was developed by Rita Maomenos, Cem Altınöz, Merijn van der Brand, and Richard Guenne, and it counts with the participation of Tancredi di Giovanni, Catello Tiranno, Su Kartal, Metin Çalış, and Adriana Sawicka.



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