böcekli alegori

short film, 2021

A familiar, desperately exhausting scene
behind the window and behind the screen.

bocekli alegori is a short film by Altinoz, shot and edited through the first year of the pandemic in his home setting, following an all very familiar protagonist.

The film was Altinoz’s response to the ‘My Pandemic Year’ open call that came from WORM Rotterdam, which aimed to commemorate one year of lockdown with an online screening dedicated to storytelling in video format.

Altinoz approached this open call with an humble recording of a rent-free living roomate, a clumsy mosquito, stuck between the stacked books&medications and the glass window, together with him.

bocekli alegori (which can translate as ‘allegory with bug’) indicates to a common suffering in the times of Covid lockdown: the time spent in front of the window glass watching the life outside, and the time spent in front of the computer screens, trying to extend our physically limited existence.



prefer a feast of friends to the giant family