live AV, 2023

counterearth is a collaborative AV performance by Altinoz and Richard Guenne, performed during the third edition of ‘darc’, the artistic club night concept from the Leftover Collective. 

With a blend of electronic beats, atmospheric textures, engaging rhythms, and a visual narrative that deconstructs vague memories lingering amidst the ruins of a disaster, guenn and Altinoz invites the audience to unravel the layers of a post-apocalyptic realm, reflecting on the fragility of our existence and the remnants of a world that lingers somewhere deep within our minds. 

In their inaugural live set, the novel AV duo aims to transport the audience through a landscape that resonates with the echoes of a forgotten era, where the realms of sound and visuals merge to give birth to a new narrative that arises from the ashes of the past.



prefer a feast of friends to the giant family