Pixie Underground, March 2018


video installation, 2018

hareketligrafik, created by Cem Altınöz and Su Kartal, examines the effect of the lived body’s condition on individual’s sensation of being in the world.

The collaboration which started out between two people (Hilal Bozkurt & Cem Altınöz) with T1D (Type 1 Diabetes), resulted in a video in which the editing pace is determined by the blood sugar levels of Altınöz, that have drastically changed throughout the day of the documentation itself.

As Hilal, together with Doruk Kafa, prepares her visual journals for the day of the exhibition, Altınöz traces their acts between texts and images, reminiscents of one’s struggle with a sick body’s conditions.

Focusing on how suffering from hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia can affect one's senses and perception, the video wanders between regularity, stimulation, and concentration.

Shown at the exhibition "Söylenmek" in Pixie Underground, March 2018, curated by Kıvanç Sert.




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