illusory essay of noise

installation + performance, 2023


Cem (TR) and Daphnis (GR), as a new-media artist duo, unite their diverse artistic talents to explore the concealed facets of their inner worlds. Their immersive performance blends dynamic anti-portraits, para-phonic synth scape-sounds, poetry, and voice, gently prompting contemplation on the vulnerabilities of the human psyche and physicality, all in pursuit of solace rather than conformity to societal expectations.

TimeWindow’s first festival outside of its home, CAMPSITE took place at TENT Rotterdam from 24 March to 10 April 2023. The participating artists of TimeWindow were made into groups by the curatorial/dramaturgical team Giovanna di Giacomo & Maria Sertzetaki, to create and present new works by using existing works as starting points.

Coming from different fields, Cem & Daphnis found a common ground in their desire to communicate the hidden parts of their lives: their disabilities.

In his previous work, a borderless existence, Cem was exploring the autoimmune condition of T1DM through his practice of anti-portraits, meanwhile Daphnis’ neo-swan song was based on replicating their personal experiences with ADHD for an audience. Following their match and throughout the co-creation process, the duo went into conversations about the parts that we feel obliged to hide in order to fit in, ‘malfunctions’ in societal terms, ways to raise awareness and creating a pseudo-state of their disabilities in a live audiovisual performance. illusory essay of noise was an outcome of this process, which they performed throughout the first weekend of the festival.  The duo later on performed a developped version of this work during GRAW 2023.



prefer a feast of friends to the giant family