photobook, 2020-ongoing

“I consider transgross itself as an organic being, composed of images of organic beings; the viewer can directly go into a haptic communication with the book while turning its pages."

transgross is a publication project that has started out as a photobook, during the first year of his studies at Piet Zwart Institute. The book consists of images of Altınöz’s personal photographic archive of life and death which he had encountered throughout his everyday life in the past years. The collection of images at times evoke an uneasiness, and often plain, core disgust; yet they also captivate the viewer and create a paradoxical situation of a simultaneous attraction and repulsion. 

transgross is an unorthodox visual diary of life and death through everyday life. Crafted from recycled materials, its pages bear the imprints of their previous lives, creating a unique narrative of resilience and transformation. The tangible history embedded in each page adds a distinctive texture, aiming to enrich the tactile journey of the reader. This heightened tactility echoes throughout the entirety of the photobook, where photographic images immortalize the residues of city life, breathing life into organic subjects that find their place within its pages.

As all living beings, transgross can not stay stable: it is changing, developping, and adapting itself to the world. In order to spread more easily, as we speak, it is mutating into prints, postcards, stickers, zines, t-shirts, soon to be available at a disclosed location. 




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